Partials & Removable Dentures

Partials and Removable Dentures in Lawrenceville, GA

Dr. Carter can see patients for partials and removable dentures at his Lawrenceville practice. For those who may have lost their teeth to decay or an accident, our restorative dentistry team can help. Many of those who come to see Dr. Carter worry that a partial or removable denture won’t offer a reliable replacement method, but we are trained in providing those in need with reliable dental prosthetics. Partials and dentures are a traditional way to restore your mouth’s form and function.

Years ago, it was common for a set of dentures or a partial to have been mass-produced, which did not allow their wearers a comfortable fit. This could also create embarrassing problems like slipping or sliding. However, with today’s technology, dentures or partials can be made to stay in place.

When you come in for your dentures and partials consultation, Dr. Carter will answer any questions you may have and explain the dentures or partials process. Our restorative dentistry staff is compassionate and we want to assist in any way that we can.

A denture replaces all of the teeth along the upper gums, the lower gums, or the entire mouth. Dentures retain their spot with suction and occasionally dental adhesive. A partial fills the space in a smile formed by as many as three missing teeth. Both dentures and partials are removable, which allows for easier cleaning. A simple toothbrush can be used to cleanse a denture or partial. At night, remove your denture or partial, and put it in a glass of water. If preferred then you can add a denture-cleaning tablet to the cup for a deeper cleanse.

In addition to bringing back your bite, wearing a denture or a partial denture can create a more youthful appearance. Pearly whites are a natural structure to prevent cheeks from sagging inward or becoming droopy. As your teeth fall out, or after they become extracted, it can form a more aged look. Receiving dentures or a partial from Dr. Carter can return your bite and your appearance.

Please call us today to learn more about partials or removable dentures from Dr. Carter. We see dentures or partials patients from Lawrenceville, Duluth, Snellville, Dacula, and surrounding communities. We can also see you for immediate hybrid dentures. If this will be your first visit then please complete our new patient forms prior to your appointment.